What is Pitch and Putt?

Pitch & Putt is a sport like a short holes' (9 holes) golf.  You can go the round in less time than golf, so that not only adults but children and elderly adults can enjoy it easily.


Pitch and Putt is defined by IPPA as follows:

Distances: (a) Length of hole: 90 meters maximum

(b) Length of 18 hole course: 1,200 meters maximum

Clubs: three clubs maximum, one of which must be a putter


Pitch & Putt may be unfamiliar competition in Japan at present, but it is popular all over the world and expected to develop more and more.




About Us

JPPA is a non-profitable organization which is launched to popularize Pitch & Putt in Japan.  JPPA and IPPA (International Pitch&Putt Association) will work together with golf group of each country for a development of Pitch & Putt.



In September 2016, the World Cup and the 2nd International Forum were held in St. Andrews, Scotland.  In the spring of 2017, the World Strokeplay Championship 2017 was held in Italy.



About JPPA

JPPA (Japan Pitch&Putt Association)

Constitution      November 1st, 2016

Address            Ginza Daiichi Bld. 2F, 8-14-12,

                       Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Phone               +81 (0)3 6260 6946


Executive Committee

President                    Yasuyuki Kuzuhara

Vice President             Kengo Okazaki

Vice President             Misa Kuzuhara

Executive Adviser        Kazuo Sekiyama

Adviser                      Toshihiko Hakuta

Managing Director       Toru Kanazawa

Director                     Masatake Murakami

Supervisor                  Tatsunori Miura

Supervisor                  Hiroki Yokota

General Secretary        Misa Fukumoto




Tournament Information

Italgreen CUP

Tournament title           Italgreen CUP Challenge (Individual match)

                                  Italgreen CUP Doubles (Doubles match)

Organizer                      Japan Pitch&Putt Association

Sponsor                  AKIRA Products / Maruman Golf / Modart

Cooperation                  Jun Mini Golf / Midorino Golf Club / Goruten

Back up                       RISE Corporation

Planning&management   GS Planning

Entry rights                   All golfers

Entry fee                      2,000 Yen (Challenge) / 6,000 (Doubles)(per team)

                                     * without playing fee

Closing date                 10 days before each event

Playing style                 Challenge

                                    18 holes' strokeplay

                                    Player gets points according to the result of each competition.

 Some of top scorers throughout the year of each block can

 go to the final round.



                                    18 holes' strokeplay

                                     Best-ball format

                                     Winning team of each game can go to the final round.






* Ibaraki

Jun Mini Golf

Address : Yoshiwara 2683, Ami-machi, Inasiki-gun, Ibaraki

Phone    : +81 (0)29 899 0181


* Kanagawa

Midorino Golf Club

Address : 5-4-13, Chuuourinkan-nishi, Yamato-shi, Kanagawa

Phone    : +81 (0)46-275-5438


* Final

Shizu Hills Country Club

Address : Oba 5766, Hitachiomiya-shi, Ibaraki

Phone    : +81 (0)29-296-2111




EXTRA COMPETITION - Pitch&Putt Festival -

Date                   : July 23rd, 2017

Place                  : Midorino Golf Club, Kanagawa

Entry Fee            : 6,000 YEN (per 1 team)

Capacity             : 40 team (80 people)

Playing Style       : 18 holes' strokeplay


Thanks to the further cooperation of golf makers who generally support "The Short Game", we are able to hold a special event for every Pitch&Putt players.


On the day, some of leading golf makers will come and you will be able to try some clubs and get advice from them.


Of course, there are luxury prizes according to the rank!


We are waiting for your participation.




"Italgreen CUP" will also start in Tochigi!

Since the Tochigi Tournament will be held on Sunday, August 20th, September 17th, October 29th, it will be a tournament where junior golfers, families, friends, etc. are easy to participate.


We are also moving to held tournament in Chiba.

We'll inform you as details are decided.



Past Games